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• Check your balance in real-time. Slide For Balance lets you peek at your balance without logging in!
• Easy access to your transaction history
• Find free ATMs near you
• Deposit checks with your smartphone
• Send money to another GoBank card

For ATM withdrawals made outside of the GoBank ATM network, a $3.00 fee will apply. Plus any fee the ATM owner may assess.

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Build a budget

Budget today for a better tomorrow.

• Keep an eye on your spending
• Know when you start spilling over budget
• Adjust your budget as necessary

Have questions? Check out our build a budget FAQs.

Fortune Teller

"Should I buy it now… or wait a bit?"

Build a budget and let Fortune Teller help you decide.
• Exclusively available on GoBank’s mobile app
• Checks against your balance, budget, and the purchase amount
• Quick way to see if that next purchase is within budget

Have questions? Check out our Fortune Teller FAQs.

Money Vault

Put some money in the Vault for safe keeping.

Just move the money out of the Vault and back into your available balance when you’re ready to use it.
• Budget for a big purchase
• Stash money away for a rainy day
• Move money in or out whenever you need to

Have questions? Check out our Money Vault FAQs.

See Deposit Account Agreement for fees and limits. Some features require successful identity verification and/or a personalized debit card.